When a driver has an interest in a new car like the 2018 Subaru Legacy, it’s not unusual for the person to express an interest in trading their current car in. In fact, even motorists who want to buy a pre-owned vehicle from our Naperville, IL Subaru dealership often ask if they can trade the vehicle they already own in.

Trading in a vehicle is often a smart way to make buying or leasing a Subaru automobile even more affordable. When you trade in your current car, you can use the money you get as a down payment on the new or new-to-you Subaru vehicle that appeals to you the most. This can prevent you from having to drain your savings account to come up with a down payment.

Even if you have a balance on your existing car loan, you can still trade your automobile in. Usually, however, you do have to pay the remaining balance before being eligible to trade in. To find out more about this aspect, you can contact one of our Subaru dealers.

If you own your current car outright, you’ll need to give us the title when you trade it in. You’ll also need to provide your registration as well as your car’s maintenance records. Vehicles that are properly maintained normally command higher resale values so having your maintenance records on hand can really help.

To get top dollar for your trade, you should make sure it doesn’t need any repairs. If the car you want to trade in needs some repairs, make an appointment to bring it into our Subaru service center near Downers Grove, IL now.

For additional tips about getting your car ready to trade in, contact Gerald Subaru of Naperville.