As Subaru dealers serving Downers Grove, IL and surrounding communities, we’re thrilled to tell you that the brand we represent recently introduced limited edition Subaru vehicles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Subaru of America. Subaru of America, which has enjoyed a decade of continued sales growth, was founded on February 15, 1968. Currently operating in Cherry Hill, NJ, Subaru of America will relocate to its new headquarters in Camden, NJ in the spring of 2018.

Every limited edition 50th anniversary Subaru model is based on a high-level trim and comes with a long list of standard features. The vehicles that are included in the list of limited edition 50th anniversary Subaru automobiles include the

  • 2018 Subaru Crosstrek
  • 2018 Subaru Forester
  • 2018 Subaru Impreza
  • 2018 Subaru Legacy
  • 2018 Subaru Outback
  • 2018 Subaru WRX
  • 2018 Subaru STI
  • 2018 Subaru BRZ

Production of the first five cars mentioned above will be limited to 1,050 50th anniversary vehicles per model. Production of the remaining vehicles in the list will be limited to a combined total of 1,050 anniversary Subaru automobiles.

Whether you’re looking at a 2018 Subaru Outback, a new Subaru Impreza, or another Subaru model, the 50th anniversary vehicles will be instantly recognizable. Every anniversary car will boast an exclusive exterior color, Heritage Blue. These vehicles will also have satin chrome exterior trim and badging and a Subaru of America 50th anniversary emblem.

On the inside, the 50th anniversary Subaru models will have silver stitching that contrasts nicely with black upholstery. The vehicles will have silver seatbelts and the Subaru of America 50th anniversary logo will be visible on the front seats and floor mats as well.

To learn more about the limited edition 50th anniversary Subaru models, we encourage you to contact or visit Gerald Subaru of Naperville today!