The last thing you want to see when you’re commuting to work in Naperville, IL is a light turning on the dashboard of your Subaru car. These days, with modern vehicles, dashboard lights are more confusing than ever, and though you probably know what the low gasoline symbol means, there are a multitude of other lights that can turn on. Here at our Chicagoland Subaru service center at Gerald Subaru of Naperville, our friendly mechanics are happy to help decode your dashboard’s warning lights. Here are a few that you’re most likely to see. 

Serious Dashboard Warnings

If you see one of these, bring your car into our service center as soon as possible:

Brake Warning Indicator: An icon that shows an exclamation point inside of two circles indicates that your brakes need to be looked at.

Engine Coolant Temperature: A picture of what looks like a thermometer floating in water shows that your engine coolant is running low and needs to be refilled, or else the engine could overheat.

Engine Oil Level: If you see a picture of a leaky gas can, that means your engine oil needs to be refilled.

Charging System Warning: An icon with a picture of a battery shows that your battery needs to be charged or replaced.

Routine Dashboard Warnings

Door Ajar: If you see a picture of a vehicle with its doors open, it means that one of your doors is ajar.

Check Engine Light: A picture of an engine can mean a variety of different things. Bring your car to our service center to have it diagnosed.

Windshield Washer Fluid Low: An icon of a windshield indicates that you need to refill your windshield washer fluid.

Head on over to Gerald Subaru of Naperville to have your warning lights diagnosed and stay safe on the road ahead.