Choosing a transmission is no longer a matter or just choosing between automatic and manual. With new types of transmission like continuously-variable transmission, the decision has become even more difficult. Here at Gerald Subaru Naperville, we are your local Subaru dealership serving Downers Grove, IL and we are here to help you decode some of the language that you hear when people talk about different types of transmission. 

Manual Transmission: Most new Subaru cars, like the 2018 Subaru Legacy, come with an optional manual transmission. In a manual transmission vehicle, drivers shift by manually shifting a gear selector mechanism that disengages one gear and selects another. This type of transmission is connected to the engine via a clutch. Advantages of choosing a manual transmission include its robustness, reliability, low cost of repair, and ease of off-road driving.

Fully-Automatic Transmission: For most drivers, fully-automatic transmission will be the preferred choice. In this system, the hydraulically operated control systems are managed electronically by the vehicle’s computer instead of the clutch and gear stick. Advantages of this type of transmission are the easy of use and its widespread availability.

Continuously-Variable Transmission: This is a newer type of transmission that is found on a number of different Subaru vehicles. Unlike the other two transmissions listed, it doesn’t use gears as its means of producing various vehicle speeds. Instead, it relies on a rubber or metal belt running over pulleys that can vary their effective diameters. Advantages of using this transmission are that it provides constant acceleration throughout the engine’s optimum operating range and that it provides better fuel efficiency.

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